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Is Latitude 365 for you?

Latitude 365 is used by more than 150 superyachts ranging from 20 meters to 150+ meters in length. The needs for yacht accounting and financial management are quite different for a 20 meter boat and a 90 meter ship, and Latitude 365 is built to accommodate those differences and provide only those features your vessel requires.

Yacht Accounting or Yacht Financial Management?

Latitude 365 is more than an accounting program. It is a tool built specifically for yacht management that will simplify multi-currency accounting, save you time and allow to provide true financial management of the yacht.

Unlike any commercial software, Latitude 365 is extremely easy to use and allows to work offline and connect users onboard and in the office via secure synchronization with our onshore server. It also provides the purchase order system that allows requesting approvals for a quote or invoice before payment that can be reviewed and approved by multiple people. It then allows onboard users to see when invoices are paid even if the office is making the payments.

We provide the software as a service with quick knowledgeable support available during all waking hours including weekends. We also monitor and ensure the security of your encrypted information stored on our server. We will set up the program for you with your custom accounts and categories, as well as custom access levels, and help you implement the best process for managing expenses. This will enable you to track budgets in real time and provide relevant professional reports and transparency your yacht owner requires.

About Us

The company was founded in 2009 in the USA, and now is primarily based in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale.

We are a team of seven people dedicated to bringing innovation into the superyacht industry and empowering Captains to deliver the best they can when it comes to yacht accounting and financial management.


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