When it comes to handling cash we always need to be very careful, being responsible for the money you have with you is always a must.
The charter season is one of the most stressful periods for all the crew and the Captain, with the high expectation from the guests, your body feels under continued pressure working toward the best results.
The main communication tools that we still use are e-mail, phone calls and Excel spreadsheets. However, when it comes to managing operations of a busy superyacht, I believe some tasks can be done faster and with less stress simply by using tools custom built for the needs onboard.
If you feel yacht accounts take too much time and energy each month, don’t take this as something you can’t change.
How quickly can you get started with Latitude 365? Our current clients report it took them less than 1 hour to get started!
To date more than 150 yachts ranging from 20 to 150 plus meters adopted our system, as well as most yacht management companies like Burgess and Fraser yachts, and Latitude 365 is becoming a standard when it comes to yacht accounting. 
Looking for an easier way to organize receipts and invoices? Here are some useful tips that will help scan receipts of any size in the easiest and least time-consuming manner.

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