Compare Latitude 365 to Quicken and Excel


Latitude 365 is a yacht management software built specifically for yacht accounting, budget tracking and approvals. Quicken is a personal finance tool and Excel is a multi-purpose spreadsheet.

Offline access

Latitude 365 is a stand-alone application like Quicken and Excel so it allows to work fully offline.

Unlike Quicken and Excel, Latitude 365 provides the following functionality:

Seamlessly share information in real time

Synchronize with an onshore server when internet connection is available so Captain, HODs and Management users can share information securely.

Manage budgets throughout the month

Manage budgets as a team by allowing users onboard and in the office to track relevant budgets in real-time.

Yacht specific multi-currency reporting

Built to accommodate multi-currency requirements of a yacht and create relevant reports with color charts.

Quote & Invoice approval system

Get purchase orders, quotes and invoices approved by all relevant parties, see when invoices are paid and mark items received.

Attach and share receipts & invoices

Allow attaching receipts to each line item by using a purpose-built scanner onboard.

Charter expense reporting

Keep charter accounting separate from operating expenses and run APA received vs expenditures by category report easily.

24/7 Support that understands your process

Latitude 365 is used by more than 100 yachts ranging from 16 to 140+ meters. Read testimonials from Captains, Pursers and Management Companies.

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