Work Offline, Sync when Online

Latitude 365 is a stand-alone application that allows to work offline and synchronize to a secure remote server on demand when internet connection is available.

Seamlessly share information with other users
See budgets and account balances updated in real time
Manage expenses as a team, together


Your information is protected and secured with higher level of encryption and physical security than banks use.

Custom Access Levels

Let users see information that is relevant to them, and nothing else. For example, Chief Stewardess can see only her cash and credit card accounts, and budget only in Interior categories. And more.

Preserve Speed

Latitude 365 is a downloadable application (not browser-based). It requires no internet connection to enter data, view reports and use all other features.

Conserve bandwidth

Synchonize with the server on demand when internet is available.

Back-up Data

Your data is backed up and always available offline & online on each user computer, and on the server.


Real Time Web Analytics