Yacht Management Software used by more than 150 superyachts worldwide

15 September 2015

Latitude 365 is a very easy-to-use yacht management software built specifically for Captains and Yacht Management companies. As of today more than 100 yachts from 16m to 140+ meters have chosen Latitude 365 for yacht accounting, budget tracking and expense approvals.

“We compared Latitude 365 to other commercial and industry-specific yacht management software that have financial modules. After a testing period we selected Latitude 365 as it is a multi-user software that provides what we need for our processes while allowing full offline access. The software is easy to use for the crew and synchronizes data securely between the users”, says Fraser Yachts.

This yacht management software connects users onboard and in the office while allowing full offline access. Being a stand-alone application Latitude 365 can synchronize with a secure remote server when convenient for the user. Bank-level encryption and not being accessible from the web like cloud-based software make Latitude 365 the only secure way to seamlessly share sensitive financial information.

yacht accounting software

“All of our yachts, captains and owners are unique. The individual setup we have established for each yacht using Latitude 365, including custom categories, accounts and user access levels, has allowed us to ensure that each user can see only information that is intended and relevant for them. Bank, Credit Card and Cash accounts are available to be set up in any relevant currency, for any user, with the captain and management having full control over the entries of heads of departments”, says Geoff Moore.

Simple interface of this yacht management software gives users both onboard and in the office access to easy-to-understand budget reports and account balances that update in real time. A variety of other relevant multi-currency reports are a click away, as well as any custom report one may need.

Unlike any other accounting software, Latitude 365 also provides quote and invoice approvals module. Users can attach quotes and invoices with comments to be approved by relevant people. Each user can see all approved and pending approval in one simple list instead of having to sort through multiple emails. In addition, Captain and HODs can see when invoices are paid. That makes it easier for everyone and saves phone calls and emails asking about the status of each payment.

All the above is backed up by fast knowledgeable support that understands yacht management process and is available during all waking hours including weekends.

You can learn more about this yacht management software and watch a short video demo, as well as read testimonials by Captains here.


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