JP Bailey, Owner

"My office has been using Latitude 365 to manage the operations of 5 different assets across 5 countries over the last 7 years, and it has been an invaluable resource. As an owner of multiple properties, Latitude 365 gives me the transparency into the daily operations of all my assets on a daily and monthly basis."

JP Bailey, Hedge Fund Manager, New York

150+ meter Lurssen

“I am not sure what we would do without Latitude. It made our lives so much easier!”

Purser, 150+ meter, managed by BURGESS

Purser of 90m

"Latitude 365 strengths are simplicity, speed, accountability and transparency. We are able to follow the budget effortlessly and not have to use unreliable spreadsheets or complicated accounting software. I think that some of the most important features which most people will be very attracted to is the fact that you give instant support and the fact that it is also custom tailored to individual needs."

Purser of M/Y Plan B (73m)

"Working with Latitude 365 it really simplifies the Purser’s job on board, giving a clear overview of the account situation of every single HoD, the all yacht during owner and charter cruises.

Using an accounting software instead of the old excel spreadsheets it is as well minimizing the percentage of error while processing data.

I personally love the function to associate every single scanned receipt into the proper cash account line (this is not possible using a normal excel spreadsheet).

I found Latitude 365 very helpful and immediate for a quote request or an invoice approval, and even more an “invoices paid” tab so we could have a record of it.

The chat function as well it is very helpful to communicate directly with the management company, avoiding additional emails back and forth.

Latitude 365 is definitely easy to understand and to learn, it gives a complete year overview of every single month just with a click on “reports tab” instead to open different files spreadsheets.

Having L365 constantly updated and connected to the cloud is definitely less time consuming for both parties, Management Company and on board crew, avoiding mistakes and clarification emails.

As well I personally like the idea that yacht’s owners can have access as a User and see where exactly the money goes spent.

I won’t hesitate to recommend your software to other superyachts if I will have a chance."

Manuel Marchionni

Interior Manager of M/Y Sea Rhapsody (63m)

"The benefits for me are:

  • - Its easy to work with
  • - Customer service is impeccable
  • - I am able to use the program without internet
  • - It calculates currency changes for your trip, which helps as I have to send all my accounts in Euro but deal with 4 different currencies"

Rosie Brooks

Captain of M/Y St David (60m)

"I have been using Latitude now for 3 months and found that program very easy and friendly. I like the fact that you can add the actual receipt right by the entry and then the flexibility of entering, saving and sharing the information straight away save a lot of time. I certainly recommend this program for boats accounting."

Captain JM Bitouzet

Captain of M/Y Sirocco (47m)

"We can have the accounts balance in real time and reports are easy to create.

We don’t have to send the receipts and accounting to the office, with the risk of them getting lost or making error in sending the electronic file with the wrong date.

We can request purchase and quote approval directly from the software without having to send an email and when approved the payment can be directly organized without the chance of the payment demand being lost.

Being able to see when invoices are paid is a great new addition and saves many calls and emails.

As we input the receipts, we can also double check our cash balance on board and find right away if a receipt is missing avoiding difficult research when done at the end of the month.

I like the ability to chat and send message to a person in regards to an invoice, a quote or a purchase demand, avoiding telephone calls.

It is very user friendly, even for crew who have limited accounting or computer skills.

The software is running well on Mac computer and it is not taking much space on my hard drive.

It is a great improvement for us on board Sirocco."

Captain Marc Colomb

Captain of M/Y Alaska (43m)

"The detailed reporting and monthly budget comparisons if you require is extremely easy to use. The sheer amount of useful data that is now available to me is extremely helpful in the budgeting of a super yacht.

Also the scanner has really streamlined the process of data entry and has alleviated the need to send bulky paper accounts via a courier service each month. The idea of having everything live for the owner, Captain and management is a step in the right direction for the transparency."

Captain Chris Callahan

M/Y Duke Town (37m)

"Regarding Latitude, I would just say that this is very ludic, meaning easy, simple to use. Even for people who do not have an accounting background."


Captain of M/Y Natali of Monaco (34m)

"The benefits I find overall is the simplicity of the accounting system. I love the reports I can create with ease. Like the fact that I can easily create a monthly account to print and email. And the fact that it never crashes and also that I receive software updates frequently."

Captain Gavin Sanders

Captain of M/Y Zulu (30m)

"I have been using this software for two years now and must say that in the 29 years I have been working and running vessels of all sizes, this software has proven itself to be way ahead of anything similar. It is very user friendly, easy to understand and use and functional for all levels of accounting knowledge. It is simple and very effective as well as, as complex and technical as you would like to make it!

The Latitude team are always friendly and exceptionally helpful, no matter the time, day or problem. They are always striving to improve the system so are always open to feedback and comments on versions aspects of the software."

Captain Paul O'Brien

Captain of 7Zero (22m)

"This is what I think: thanks to Latitude we are always connected with the various sectors of the company and in real time can be connected. For me personally very helpful to know the real state of payments of invoices."

Igor Marogna

M/Y Twilight Rodeo (15m)

"I absolutely LOVE your software package. Not only does it help me keep track for different accounts for the boat, it handles everything seamlessly. I don't have the time (or energy) to create a separate spreadsheet for each account on each month, and Latitude does it all.

Thank you so much for your fantastic support."

Jody Oles

Fraser Yachts

“We compared Latitude 365 to other commercial and industry-specific software that have financial modules. After a testing period we selected Latitude 365 as it is a multi-user software that provides what we need for our processes while allowing full offline access. The software is easy to use for the crew and synchronizes data securely between the users.”

Fraser Yachts

Titan Fleet

"Latitude 365 has transformed the financial management of our fleet of vessels in terms of efficiency and transparency.

The software’s multi-tier user access structure means all interested parties have access to the real-time information they need without constant demands for reports from other departments. Vessel owners, management team members and crew on board have keenly felt the major benefits of the capability to share, interpret and monitor information with accuracy and minimal time investment.

Features such as ‘syncing upon request’, data back up security and dedicated support reflect the fact that the system has been developed specifically for the yachting industry. As such it features all the functionality we require whilst retaining simplicity for all users."

Charlie Bettell, Director of Titan Fleet Management

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