Quote & Invoice Approval System

Submit quotes for approval

Get approval from one or multiple people.

Attach invoices for Approval before Payment

Keep quotes, invoices and other relevant documents attached to each record.

See all invoices approved for Payment

Easily find what is outstanding for each supplier.

Know when invoices are paid

Let all relevant users see when invoices are paid and reduce calls and emails.

Automatically creates a record in payment account

No need to reenter same information in bank account.

Example: For example, Chief Engineer might ask the Captain to approve a Quote. Captain in turn can request approval from the Manager or Owner’s Representative. When the invoice is received that invoice can get approved for payment. Once paid, all involved users get notified and see it in Paid list.

Discuss through chat

Keep all your communication about the quote or invoice attached to its record so you can easily find it at any time.

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