The Only Secure Way To Share Information

One of the most important aspects of Latitude 365 is the way it secures data sharing. Not being accessible from the web like cloud-based software make Latitude 365 the only secure way to seamlessly share sensitive financial information.

Bank Level Encryption

All data is encrypted while being stored on the user’s computer, on the server and while being transmitted to the server in short periods of time at 256 bit SSL.

Not Browser-Based

Latitude 365 is a stand-alone application and cannot be located via URL (web address) which makes it more secure than standard browser-based alternatives. Only small chunks of newly entered data are transmitted to the server in short periods of time when users chooses to sync.

Physical security

All files on the user’s computers are protected with secure passwords. The dedicated server is hosted in Germany at the one of the most secure data centers in the world. We can provide an option to use your own server instead.

Custom Access Levels

Ability to hide all information in select accounts (eg. bank account, credit card or cash accounts of other users) or expense categories from certain users gives you full control over who can and cannot see certain information.


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